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Definition of Torture according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture

Why Campaign against Torture? Reason is: Jesus himself was tortured

Whoever tortures a human being,
Whoever abuses a human being,
Whoever outrages a human being
Abuses God's image,
And the church takes as its own
That cross, that martyrdom.
(Archbishop Romero of El Salvador, murdered in 1980 because of his support for the poor and suffering people of his country)


Why campaign against torture? Why, particularly if you’re a Christian? Shouldn’t we keep our hands and minds clean and not have any truck with something as truly nasty as torture?
The decisive answer to that is ‘NO’. The central act of our faith is the torture and murder of an innocent man, who in that act of sacrifice, took upon himself symbolically the evils of the whole of humankind (1 Peter2 v 24).
That man, Jesus, the Christ, not only died in great agony, for each of us, giving us an insight into just what evil people can do to each other. We believe he also came alive again and today, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, gives each of us strength and direction to fight against similar evils, one of the greatest being torture, the method by which he himself died (John 14v 16,17).

Abolish Torture

Because of these facts, although 2000 years old, Christians are particularly concerned to do all they can to abolish the evils of torture.

Therefore our aim is to mobilise Christians of all denominations to come together to pray and to write letters of appeal to governments and others in countries where we know abuse and torture are practised. Our knowledge of their actions can and does often lead to the end of torture, improvement of conditions of detention and release of the prisoners, who so very often are innocent of any known criminal offence. It is vital work, linked to similar campaigning organisations in over 38 countries. We also believe it is God’s Will.

Remember the old Chinese proverb: ‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’.