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Definition of Torture according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture

Why Campaign against Torture? Reason is: Jesus himself was tortured

Whoever tortures a human being,
Whoever abuses a human being,
Whoever outrages a human being
Abuses God's image,
And the church takes as its own
That cross, that martyrdom.
(Archbishop Romero of El Salvador, murdered in 1980 because of his support for the poor and suffering people of his country)

SOS Torture - The Urgent Action Scheme

There are occasions when a swift response by letter can save a prisoner from torture and even death

SOS Torture helps

• torture victims
• those receiving death threats
• those who have ‘disappeared’
• victims of possible extra judicial execution
• detainees at risk of torture

What the Urgent Action Scheme Involves

• receives urgent appeals from OMCT (Organisation Mondiale contre la torture) and The Observatory (campaigning for human rights defenders) both based in Geneva’
• needs volunteer letter writers to respond very quickly
• supplies details of appeal cases and points to make in letters written
• Swift action can mean all the difference between life and death.
• Appeals can result in cases being reviewed, conditions improved, prisoners released, death squads called off.

The Urgent Action Scheme is vital
- and we urgently need more letter writers.
Will you volunteer?

Lives Depend on Fast Action

To join the SOS Torture Scheme you must be a member of acat(uk). If you are a member please send a letter containing your wish to join, your name, address and telephone details and, if you have one, e-mail address to Brother Anselm SSF, The Society of Saint Francis, St Mary at the Cross, Glasshampton, SHRAWLEY, Worcester WR6 6TQ or e-mail him at