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Definition of Torture according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture

Why Campaign against Torture? Reason is: Jesus himself was tortured

Whoever tortures a human being,
Whoever abuses a human being,
Whoever outrages a human being
Abuses God's image,
And the church takes as its own
That cross, that martyrdom.
(Archbishop Romero of El Salvador, murdered in 1980 because of his support for the poor and suffering people of his country)

The Prisoner Support Scheme

This scheme is an important and integral part of the work of acat-uk.

How does it work?

• members of acat-uk are given the name and address of a prisoner.
• they are encouraged to write letters to the prisoner and to receive replies.
• such a correspondence is very much valued by the prisoner and can make his or her life worth living.

Who are the prisoners?

• They are men and women arrested in a country where tortured is practised
• They are people from all walks of life; often in prison for their political or religious beliefs
• They very often have committed no criminal offence as normally understood
• Some may be criminals in the accepted sense, even murderers
• They may well have been tortured or subjected to harsh treatment or abuse

What does support entail?

We ask you to:-

• pray regularly for your prisoner, his or her family and for prison officials, although you won’t know them
• write regularly to your prisoner, at least once a month
• send colourful postcards and photographs if possible
• read whatever you can about the country in which your prisoner is detained. (Amnesty International reports can be helpful)
• encourage others to join the scheme
• keep in touch with the scheme’s Coordinator

If you wish to stop writing to a prisoner it is essential to let the Coordinator know immediately. The prisoner can then be transferred to another member who will write instead.

What will I receive if I join ?

• as much information about the prisoner as possible
• names and addresses of officials and others who may be able to help
• simple guidelines on what to write

To join the prisoner support you must be a member. If you are a member please send a letter containing your wish to join, your name, address and telephone details and, if you have one, e-mail address to Ken Watson, acat(uk), 8 Southfield, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 4LX or alternatively you can send the same details in an email to him at