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Definition of Torture according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture

Why Campaign against Torture? Reason is: Jesus himself was tortured

Whoever tortures a human being,
Whoever abuses a human being,
Whoever outrages a human being
Abuses God's image,
And the church takes as its own
That cross, that martyrdom.
(Archbishop Romero of El Salvador, murdered in 1980 because of his support for the poor and suffering people of his country)

acat(uk) - A Powerhouse of Prayer

Prayer is a vital part of our work. We pray for the tortured, those threatened with torture, their families, the torturers and for all aspects of our work. We have prayers that may be useful for private and public use, please contact us if you would like copies for use in church services or on special occasions.

Our acat(uk) prayer

Lord Jesus,

You experienced in prison the suffering and death of a prisoner of conscience.
You were plotted against, betrayed by a friend, and arrested under cover of darkness by men who came with clubs and swords.
You were tortured, beaten and humiliated, and sentenced to an agonizing death though you had done no wrong.
Be now with prisoners throughout the world.
Be with them in the darkness of the dungeon, in the loneliness of separation from those they love;
Be with them in their fear of what may come to them, in the agony of their torture and in the face of execution and death.
Stretch out your hands in power to break their chains and open the gates of freedom, so that your kingdom of justice may be established now among them.